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On the Spot: Best Strategies on Closing the Sale (Part 2)

Jun 01, 2015
We asked two TSSA members to share their tips on, "How to get a potential customer to visit your facility? What is your best strategy for closing the sale?"

Andrew Kane, The Storage PlaceAnswer your phone every time someone calls! It is very important to understand that the prospect on the phone is the most important person to your facility at that moment. We use a phone script for each call and we use it to take notes during the call, then enter the information into our software to help us remember to follow up. We ask for the potential tenant’s name and phone number and email. Next, we ask how they heard about our facility to help us gauge which marketing strategies are most effective. We also ask a few more questions to ascertain how we can best meet their storage needs.

Before quoting a unit’s price, we describe the amenities that set us apart from our competition. We are the experts in our industry. Never assume that a customer has prior knowledge of the differences. Once we quote the price, the real sales­manship starts. You have to close the sale, ask for the rental, get a reservation or appointment for them to visit the facility. Keep in mind that the average shopper will call around to several other facilities so it’s important to stay “top-of-mind.” To make sure the potential tenant has our contact information readily available, we follow up immediately with an email and oftentimes a coupon. Calling the customer back the next day, or several days before they said they would be needing a unit, is also very effective. Whichever method you choose, make sure that you take the time to follow up in some way with every inquiry.

Follow your plan, practice your pitch. If you fail over the phone, it will cost your facility tens of thousands of dollars over the life of those missed opportunities.

Andrew Kane, District Manager
The Storage Place, Corpus Christi

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